Sr. FrontEnd Engineer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Engineering @ FactoryPlus ⚒ 

We believe that by empowering the 2 crore MSME manufacturers in India with easy-to-use mobile-first workflow management tools, we can play a pivotal role in realising India’s dream of becoming world’s top-most-desired manufacturing destination and $5 trillion economy. Every line of code we write, every feature we add, every pixel we create, everything we do helps us get one step closer to our vision.


Our engineering team ardently believes in these 2 core fundamentals: 

Polyglot Programming: we are language-agnostic and focus on finding the most optimal and robust solution to a problem - independent of the programming language 

Asynchronous Communication: async is an important factor in our team’s productivity. Not only does async produce the best work results, but it also lets people do more meaningful work and live freer, more fulfilled lives. 

Objectives 🎯

  • Design and develop highly scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant systems for one of the fastest-growing startups in India  
  • Participate in code reviews and share knowledge across the team 
  • Pair with team members on functional and non-functional requirements and spread design philosophy and goals across the team.  
  • Communicate, collaborate and work effectively across distributed teams 
  • You should understand the user and their behavior and will continuously contribute to making their experience better with each release 

Who are we looking for 😎 

  • A strong body of prior front-end work, including significant projects written in JavaScript 
  • Mastery of JavaScript; expertise in most of the following technologies, and proficiency in all of them: jQuery, CSS, HTML5, AJAX. 
  • Deep understanding of closures, prototypal inheritance, DOM manipulation, HTTP, web security, cross-browser compatibility challenges. 
  • 3+ years experience with ReactJS and Typescript 

** brownie points if you have experience of Product Startup at scale  

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